Fast Note Poster Holder

Fast Note is an innovative and versatile solution for hanging memos, notes, receipts, pictures and more. Comprising a series of rubberized rollers housed within a neat cassette, simply slide your materials into the housing for an instant display.

It’s ideal for rapidly-changing special offers, temporary door signage, meeting rooms and busy customer facing environments such as restaurants and hotels. Available in a range of widths from 310mm to 1500mm with a compact 50mm depth, Fast Note can accommodate paper thicknesses from 0.1 to 0.8mm and grips the top 17mm of your graphic for security. Easy to set up an install, the system is supplied with wall fixings including screws and double sided tape.

Fast Note Poster Holder – 310mm
Fast Note Poster Holder – 580mm
Fast Note Poster Holder – 1000mm
Fast Note Poster Holder – 1500mm